Net Portfolio delivers a set of comprehensive solutions to a wide array of industries and clients. The following key solutions were built from the ground up and all are currently in use or available.
Executive Education Complete Management System
Net Portfolio's Executive Education Management System solution includes a comprehensive set of features, including a public facing website, registration system, inquiry system, marketing automation, user portal, email integration, ad campaign and activity tracking, and complete reporting.
Net Portfolio Site Creator Web Content Management System
Net Portfolio's Site Creator Web Content Management System is used by numerous companies and organizations. The website development platform is based on .NET technologies, and features a comprehensive set of capabilities to help you present a professional web presence.
Home Builder Construction System
Net Portfolio's Home Builder Construction System has served one of the largest builders of new homes in the Midwest for more than a decade. The system includes modules for sales, home construction, contractors, reporting, accounting and more.
LEAN/Six Sigma Tools (SharePoint-based)
Net Portfolio leverages the SharePoint environment to deliver a set of LEAN/Six Sigma tools. The current set of available tools includes SIPOC Diagrams, Affinity Diagrams, Fishbone Diagrams, SWOT Analysis, Five Forces Analysis and Pareto Diagrams.
Entrepreneurial Competition System
Net Portfolio developed a statewide solution allowing the State of Michigan to manage an entrepreneurial competition. Each year, hundreds of companies compete for funds to help them launch their emerging business ideas. The Net Portfolio system handles registration, submission of proposals, coaching and competition judging, as well as a public-facing web site.
Eloqua Rest API
Custom ASP.NET Development
Website Development
Microsoft Azure Services
Executive Education System
Site Creator
Home Builder Construction System
LEAN/Six Sigma Tools
Entrepreneurial Competition System

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